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What TABA "Turkish American Beauty Association" Does?

TABA, or the Turkish American Beauty Association, was founded with the idea of advancing cultural diplomacy through beauty. We provide an international platform for beauty amateurs and professionals to collaborate and share their cultures, customs, techniques, and traditions, in order foster cross-cultural awareness and participation.

We also realize that high costs are a deterrent to those looking to launch beauty businesses abroad, as well as people looking to utilize beauty services. In order to combat these high barriers of entry, we for people of different socio-economic backgrounds.

What We Do?

TABA seeks to achieve it's mission through multiple events and programs. We provide aid and business planning to foreigners who wish to open beauty businesses outside of their home country, reduce the cost of beauty products and sessions in order to make it more accessible to people around the globe with a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, and host convention events with an emphasis on global beauty and cultural diversity. We also collaborate with some of the largest beauty brands in the world, and provide a platform for both beauty amateurs and professionals to showcase their techniques, traditions, customs, and products on a global scale.

What's Our Mission?

The mission of TABA is to be a thriving market and gathering place for the global beauty industry, and to serve as a vehicle for the advancement of cultural diplomacy between the nation of Turkey and the rest of the world. Our goal is to develop beauty industries internationally, as well as to provide an international platform for both beauty amateurs and professionals to showcase their techniques, traditions, customs, and products on a global scale, in order to foster further international cooperation and understanding, and make beauty more accessible to people with a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

What's Our Vision?

TABA's vision is to be a silk road for the beauty industry. A place where people from around the world can meet others, share ideas, and gain knowledge to take back to their home countries. We seek to foster a spirit of collaboration and interconnectedness within the beauty industry, as well as to make products and sessions more accessible and affordable to people from around the world. We realize our vision through programs and events that allow beauty professionals and enthusiasts around the world to come together and experience each other's beauty cultures, sharing and obtaining skills on the way.

What're The Benefits When You Became A Member of TABA?

-Welcoming Gift Set + Business Kit

(Will be sending your gift to your address)

-Access to TABA Members

(Able to send private public messages, sending friend request to members)

-You will improve your skills with getting educate by our professional team members

-We will assist you if you consider to create new business

-You will get handbook it shows what certificates you have to own and how to get them

-You will be part of our partnership agreements and get more discount for items

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